• If I want my business logo changed, can I still change it? Yes. We make sure that you are truly satisfied with the outcome. We brainstorm with you and present you a variety of designs to choose from.
  • Will I get copies of the images that I requested? Yes. The images are created specifically for you. We can save them to an external drive or in your company’s cloud drive so you can have access to them.
  • If I decide to print out materials in the future, can I do this on my own? Yes. You can use the images we created for you and customize your business communications, posters, banners, or brochures and print them out as needed.
  • Can I use an existing company’s logo and personalize it? No. As much as possible, we want the images to be unique to your company. That is why we consult with you and get your ideas on how you want the logos and images to look like. We would also want to avoid the use of copyright images.
  • Can other companies use the images that you have created for me? No. The images are uniquely yours and are intended for your company’s use. Therefore, you have paid for the rights to use those images. You can refer other businesses to us and we will gladly design their logo and images for them.
  • How can you use graphic design on my social media platforms? How will it help my business? We make landing pages that are attractive and visually appealing that visitors will want to learn more about your business and contact you. We will also make your websites look more interesting and easier to navigate.