“We are a start-up business and would like to increase out advertising to potential clientele. We brainstormed with the graphic designers of Design Experts as to what our company goals are and what services we offer. We not only have banners and print ads all over the city, but people would give us a call just because they loved how the posters look! Our clients have increased, and they thought that we had been in business for a long time due to the quality of letterheads and business cards that we gave them.”

CTA – “I’d like to see more of your designs.”

Dear business partner,

Advertising your business should not only rely on communication, but you should also have logos and designs that fit your business’ personality and services. We would like to make you an offer you cannot resist. We will design logos that are made just for you. We will design graphic images that expertly shares the message and goals of your business. We will make your business stand out so that people will remember you and contact you.

Don’t think that creating graphics is a breeze.

We will make it simple for you. All you must do is focus on how to improve your products and services. We will do the advertising for you. We will make sure that your logos and brand will catch the attention of your intended audience, so you don’t have to shell out a lot of cash for more advertising propaganda.

Imagine printing out a lot of posters that nobody even bothers to look at. Have you sent out hundreds of letters and business cards but don’t get a single call? Have you come up with these colorful graphics on your website yet you get very rare visitors? Imagine the cost of paying for all those ads and graphic designs, but you realize you are obliged to pay more.

A trusted friend of mine referred me to Design Experts. He shared that ever since he ordered a new set of business cards, he simply handed it out to potential clients, and he got new customers!

He further shared that he had just enough money to invest in business cards. However, since then, he not only got new business cards, but he also has his own letterhead, plus a dedicated website. He says he does not even have to advertise. Word of mouth does it for him.All because of those catchy and interesting new graphics.

You see, this friend of mine owns a bakeshop. Before, he used to sell different varieties of bread. Now that he has more customers, he expanded to selling cakes, and he gets more orders every week. All because of new posters, business cards, and print ads with amazing graphics.